The Latest A/T & M/T Tyres

Australia is a unique place. There’s wildlife here you won’t find anywhere else in the world and there are also driving conditions you won’t find anywhere else either. From rainforest conditions all the way through to scorching hot deserts, tyres and vehicles need to be able to stand up to absolutely anything. Even on the roads, the tarmac gets extremely hot meaning your tyres will perform differently. Monsta Tyres have taken all of this into consideration and have rigorously tested each and every product to make sure it meets the high demands of the Australian market.


Though performance is important, Monsta Tyres haven’t overlooked that fact that the look of your tyres can be a factor. That’s why each Monsta Tyre features a retro look with a modern twist of aggression. The perfect look for vehicles designed to tackle rough conditions head on.


Then there’s the comfort aspect. Sure, an off road trek is always going to be a bit uncomfortable but you don’t need your drive on the roads to be uncomfortable too. That’s why Monsta Tyres have designed tyres to perform off road but also reduce noise and vibrations while they’re on the tarmac.


Don’t own a 4×4? No worries. Monsta Tyre’s street series offers awesome performance for regular passenger vehicles whilst also rocking a unique design. We thought it was about time white writing on side walls came back so we’re the only tyre company in the world to manufacture tyres with white writing built into them. No paint, no glue, just rubber. Plus, if you’re not a fan of the writing or you want to change the look, all you need to do is flip the tyres and the writing is hidden on the inside of the tyre. You’ll also get a more even wear so it’s a win-win!